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Computational logic


Bachelor: 2h/week course and 2h/month exercises, Winter semester
Lecturer: Sorin Grigorescu
Exercises: Sorin Grigorescu
Language: Romanian

Lecture Description Course
1 Introduction slides
2 Boolean functions slides
3 Boolean functions representations slides
4 Boolean functions representations via logic circuits slides
5 Complete systems of functions slides
6 Synthesis of combinational logic circuits slides
7 Boolean functions minimization: Karnaugh diagrams slides
8 Minimization of incomplete defined boolean functions slides
9 Minimization of boolean functions systems slides
10 Number systems slides
11 Floating point representation 1 slides
12 Floating point representation 2 slides
13 Number codes slides
14 Alphanumeric codes slides
Homework Description Materials
1 Mathematics of discrete automation slides
2 Boolean functions 1 slides
3 Boolean functions 2 slides
4 Minimization of boolean functions slides
5 Number systems slides
6 Binary number system slides

Written and practical exam at the end of the semester.


F. Moldoveanu, Circuite Logice si Comenzi Secventiale, Editura Universitatii Transilvania din Brasov, 2003.