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RObotX - National Robotics Contest

May 2019
Starting with 2006, RObotX represents the national stage of the international robotics competition EuroBot. We decided to test our experience in the field of robotics and participated at this year's competition, which took place in Sibiu. The contest table has a rectangular shape of 3m x 2m, and contains several pre-defined elements.
The robots have to fulfill 5 independent tasks, realized with the help of "atoms" (similar to hockey pucks): classifying the atoms, weighting the atoms, creating a new element, realizing a self-experiment, and predicting unknown behavior from the opponent robot. Each game round lasts for 100 seconds, during which you are not allowed to interact with the robot.
All robots have to comply to several design and functionality rules, each of them undergoing a homologation stage prior to each game. The robots need to be fully autonomous and they need to have obstacle detection systems in order to avoid colliding with the opponent robot. Each robot has a maximum height of 43cm, and a maximum lateral perimeter of 120 cm.
There is also the possibility of having two separate robots doing the required tasks in a parallel manner. Our design of the robot was centered around a PID-controller for the locomotion, and a Kalman-filter for predicting the trajectory.

The rounds were very tense, going back and forth, but in the end the team managed to achieve the 3rd place! Congratulations!