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ROVISLab team in visit at high schools

May 2019
The final exam in high school is coming, so all the students that intend to follow a University program should consider their opportunities at the Robotics specialisation, within the Transilvania University of Brasov. Our experience in the field of Robotics was shared with the high school students, during the presentations that were held in the last 2 months. Our team visited the following high schools:

- Colegiul National "Dr. Ioan Mesota" from Brasov
- Colegiul Național "Andrei Șaguna" from Brasov
- Colegiul "Radu Negru" from Brasov
- Liceul Teoretic "Radu Vlădescu" from Patarlagele

One of the covered topics during the presentations, and afterwords at the networking sessions, was related to the educational plan of the Robotics specialisations. Additionally, the current research topics within the Rovis group and the hiring opportunities after the Faculty graduation were deeply discussed.