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East European Summer School (EEML) in Bucharest

1 - 7 July 2019
Eastern European Machine Learning summer school (EEML), previously TMLSS, spans along one week and focuses around core topics regarding machine learning and artificial intelligence. The summer school includes both lectures and practical sessions (labs) to improve the theoretical and practical understanding of these topics. The school is organised in English and is aimed in particular at graduate students, although it is open to anyone interested in the topic. The objective of the summer school is to popularise topics around machine learning and artificial intelligence more broadly in Europe and specifically in Eastern Europe, and to encourage research in these fields.

During the one-week, top researches like Andrew Zisserman (DeepMind) or Rahul Sukthankar (Google AI) gave impresive lectures about most of the ML topics (Vision, Reinforcement Learning, Self-supervied Learning, Recurent Neural Networks, etc...). The lectures were coupled with practical sessions where atomical elements that make ML possible were explained and evaluated in different learning scenarios.

The lectures can be found here.
The practical sessions can be found here.

The quality of the lessons and the practical sessions was outstanding. Big thanks to the organizers. Congratulations!